A Visit From Our Intern: Claira Eastwood

I began interning for 2Human Strategies last December. In my head, this seemed almost like a “coming of age” moment, and I immediately said I would love to be involved. I became the Communications Intern and started by editing some blog posts. Considering that I am not located in Seattle and am technically a full-time student, ninety percent of what I do is on the computer and via video chats. However, during the month of July this year I was able to work at 2Human Strategies in person for a few days, and the following is my reflection on this experience. First of all, the office space is gorgeous. This may seem like an odd place to begin, but bear with me for a moment. The space is welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. When you enter the building and look to your right, you see two blackboards with the words “Feel Good, Make Good,” and that is exactly what seems to happen. If where you are working isn’t motivating you to do the best you can and encouraging you to reach your goals, you aren’t going to a) be excited to work, or b) work as well as you could. The positive workspace was definitely both inviting and motivating.

Although working in a good environment is incredibly important, I must also mention the mental health aspect. As someone who tends to get anxious about every little thing, it was good to work in a place that understands that anxiety is very real and makes sure that everything is working for everyone. It didn’t come as too much of a surprise that a company who makes sure employees in other companies are taken care of kept checking in with me to make sure that I was doing well, but it was helpful nevertheless. During the days I was working in person, I was able to grow not only in my working abilities, but personally as well. Making sure that employees are taken care of and are growing as people, workers, and teams is a good thing, and that is definitely what I got out of this experience, and what I hope to continually gain in the future.



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