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Effective Entrepreneurs Workshop

Did you know that there are over 6 million new business owners in the United States each year?  Nearly 33% of these entrepreneurs are recent college graduates, and nearly 80% of all entrepreneurs are employed at the time that they started their new venture (Kauffman, 2015).  Unfortunately nearly one out of four new businesses will go out of business within the first year of operation.  Of those that remain, less than half will still be in operation at the five-year mark.

Are you considering starting a new business?  Are you already engaged in your first year or two of an entrepreneurial adventure or just wanting to grow or recharge your business? Our “Effective Entrepreneurs” workshop will provide you with a detailed analysis of how effectively you are approaching your new enterprise.  We utilize an assessment device that was developed utilizing almost twenty years of extensive research.  This tool measures four key entrepreneurial success factors including Mindset, Self-Management, Interacting with others, and Business Orientation.  In this brief workshop we’ll discuss some basic qualities of successful Entrepreneurs.  We’ll also provide you with a personalized “Entrepreneurial Edge” profile report.  Each report indicates how your behaviors, perspectives, and preferences can impact you and your career choices.  We’ll also discuss and explain how you score on 17 Entrepreneurial Indicators the signify entrepreneurial success when compared to a more conventional career.

Finally, we’ll provide a couple of exercises designed to assist you in developing a personalized action plan based on your individual scores with the intent of helping you increase your odds of success in your current or intended venture.

Please note that the price for this workshop will increase to $300 in April, 2017 and that the current price is an excellent value for this helpful and engaging tool.

Later Event: March 30
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