Can Counseling Help?

Everyone has a unique perspective on life's challenges.  The advice of friends and self-help books can be good at identifying common issues, but it often falls short of addressing your unique feelings in a meaningful and lasting way.  At 2Human Srategies we offer both coaching and counseling services (but not to the same clients).  This is because we believe that some challenges require different tools in order to be addressed most effectively.  We believe that a good counselor doesn't simply recite stock advice, but rather draws on years of training and experience to help you navigate a highly individualized process of discovering (and sometimes remembering) your own answers.  Here are just of few of the common areas in which people seek counseling from us:


Please note:
Counseling services are currently only offered at our Poulsbo, Washington location.  



Whether in a committed "marriage," a work-place or even a parent-child dynamic, communication between any two (or more) people can often be complicated and can sometimes even break down completely.  With a bit of work, finding your way through the inevitable "rough spots" within relationships can often lead to an even stronger relationship.  An experienced relationship counselor is trained to help you discover the best path toward understanding and more effectively participating in all of your personal and public relationships.  



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The process of coming out, for the first time, to family and friends can be overwhelming and emotionally taxing for LGBTQI folks.  Sometimes people who are experience this process for the first time describe feelings of being "drained" or have limited or no "energy".  Many of us can benefit from speaking to a counselor during this, often on-going, process.   For some of us, the process of coming out is even more complicated by our association with a religion that has a less progressive stance regarding Queer folks.  Sometimes individuals who are coming out have a deep fear that their church, synagogue, mosque or even God will reject them.  Counseling can help an individual decide what he or she believes and learn how to sort through the messages they have been received from their faith communities.  Counseling can also help us begin to explore ways to celebrate ourselves while continuing to try to maintain a healthy relationship with our spiritual traditions/inheritance.


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