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Human-centered strategies

Fundamentally, the success of your business is rooted in its people. We partner with you to build and sustain a healthy, collaborative, and compassionate workplace using a range of evidence-based, human-centered practices:

Structured assessment tools

Outcomes-focused workshops

Positive leadership coaching

Strengths-based development


Designing for growth

With the right approach, the workplace can become a growth-centered ecosystem that fosters creativity, rewards empathy, and emboldens everyone involved to strive for deeper engagement.

  • Lift employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention

  • Reduce workplace stress

  • Improve internal communications and relationships

  • Foster a community of inclusion

  • Build a culture of innovation

  • Design positive change-management strategies

  • Promote team members to brand ambassadors

  • Develop leadership in aspiring and experienced managers

  • Formulate sustainable succession plans

  • Nurture staff professional development

The power of positive psychology

Growth is the realization of untapped creative human potential. In the workplace, that potential has only one limiting or enabling factor: the quality of your working relationships.

1. The workplace is a social environment

Humans are social by nature: we find fulfillment and build meaning through our personal relationships. We don’t stop being relational when we come to work. In fact, the success of our work as individuals depends heavily on the nature of the relationships we forge and maintain with our coworkers.

2. People are rational and emotional

Too often in business, we appeal only to simplistic rational motivations, denying the more powerful but more complex realities of emotional and behavioral psychology. The research, however, is quite clear: employing positivistic psychological management strategies in the workplace is the surest path to higher productivity.

3. Relational health means more than just getting along

Many leaders manage for “cultural fit” at the expense of diverse thinking and expression, effectively limiting the growth potential of their team. Strategies that focus on discovering and empowering unique capabilities while improving relational health can unlock powerful gains in motivation, morale, and team performance.


My team certainly benefitted from the workshop put on by 2Human Strategies. In fact, we talked about the skills learned/tools from the workshop throughout the day following the workshop. I would recommend this well organized workshop to help enhance team building and understanding.

— Theresa Nguyen, President, Theresa H. Nguyen State Farm


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