Navigating Awkward Conversations


Do you need to chat with an employee about personal hygiene or their inappropriate dress or use of language in the work place?  These types of conversations are difficult for all of us.

There are two components to this training.  First we will address HR legal aspects, reminding you about the legal issues associated with this type of conversation.  We’ll help you make sure that your message aligns with your company policy (or perhaps alert you to the need to write company policies regarding these potential problems).  

Next we’ll help you to be more comfortable when having this type of a conversation with an employee.  We will teach you what to say and what you should never say in an uncomfortable managing situation, how to control your own anxiety and help an employee to be comfortable, save face, and possibly even be grateful for your intervention.  


Psychometric Testing Device: No
Optional Follow-Up Coaching of Participants: Yes up to one hour (gratis)
Appropriate for small work groups: Yes





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