Interviewing Essentials


Most of us are familiar with the type of anxiety that can be associated with participating in an interview as a potential employee.  However interviewing can be also be stressful for new managers and business owners.  While we developed this workshop especially for new managers and start up or small businesses with less than fifteen employees who are looking to grow rapidly (most often these individuals may not have the luxury of interacting with a HR department that is able to teach folks how to conduct a proper interview that is more likely to be compliant with federal law and labor practices) we think that it may be a great refresher course for seasoned managers who tend to “wing” their interviews.

In this fun three-hour experiential mini-workshop we will cover common manager interviewing errors that can lead to serious potential legal risks for new managers and businesses.  We will teach you about important steps to take while preparing to conduct an interview, how to invite an applicant to interview, how to build rapport with an applicant, things you should (and should never) ask, how to collect (and subsequently use) data during an interview, as well as how to successfully close an interview, as well as how (and for how long) to retain information obtained during an interview. We will even teach you some of the best ways to offer a candidate the position.

In this engaging workshop not only do we help you to be aware of (and avoid) some very common legal mistakes that businesses make when creating job descriptions and interviewing potential employees, but we’ll also talk about ways to reduce both your own anxiety as well as your applicant’s anxiety during the interview process.  We believe that the way that a business conducts interviews has strong implications for the way the public thinks about a business.  We teach you how your applicant process can serve as a powerful marketing tool even when you may be technically “rejecting” an applicant. 


Workshop Length: Approximately 2.5 Hours
Psychometric Testing Device: No
Individual Coaching of Participants: No
Appropriate for small work groups: Yes





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