What is Risk Intelligence?


There is potential for risk in almost everything that we do and there are many different factors that influence a person’s readiness to take a risk at a particular moment in time. Simply put, there are basically two reasons why people take risks. The first is concerned with levels of fearlessness and a lack of anxiety and the second concerns impulsivity and thrill seeking. 

An individual’s approach to risk reflects both and individual’s natural temperament as well as their experiences, exposure and personal circumstances.  When we consider these factors at their extremes the resulting perceptions generate very different personal views about risk and opportunity. 

An individual might have such a high level of anxiety and conservative thinking and behavior that they might miss crucial business opportunities.  Conversely, an individual on the other end of the spectrum might have such a propensity and comfort with risk that they squander valuable company resources by making unrealistic decisions that are not grounded in a well-considered strategy. 


Workshop Length: Approximately seven hours
Risk Intelligence Assessment Device: Yes (mandatory)
Individual Coaching of Participants: Required 15 minute session
Follow up coaching: Up to one hour per participant (gratis)
Follow up workshop for participants: Available for an additional fee
Appropriate for small work groups: Yes
Appropriate for multiple small work groups: Yes

 Limit 8 participants.





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