Taming Monster Meetings


Few employees actually love meetings--but we think that you shouldn’t hate them.  While there is a lot of information available about meetings few of us are ever formally trained how to run them effectively. In this fun (yes, fun) training we will share some evidence-based information about effective meetings as we help each attendee to write their own Philosophy of Meetings document (that ideally will align with your organizational policies regarding meetings).  

In this workshop we will teach you: about different personality types and their approaches to meetings, essential meeting rules, member roles and responsibilities. We’ll also teach you about meetings that you should hold regularly and which ones to avoid as well as how to reduce the overall number of meetings you schedule while simultaneously making the meetings that you do schedule far more effective and relevant.  

Perhaps most importantly we’ll teach you how to add and take away value from the meetings you call and attend. Regardless of whether you are a CEO or a brand new line staff we believe that this workshop has something to offer for everyone. We’re excited about this training because we feel that it has the potential to make your organization run much more smoothly and help your employees enjoy this inevitable occupational activity just a bit more.

Psychometric Testing Device: No
Individual Coaching of Participants: No
Appropriate for small work groups: Yes






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