Outcomes-focused workshops

In addition to some of our "ready-made" group workshops shown here, we can prepare a bespoke curriculum to suit the goals of your team-building or leadership development activities.  Please contact us for a free consultation about your programming needs.    

Taking Charge of Conflict

Participants are introduced to five basic conflict-handling modes.

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What is Risk Intelligence?

There are many factors that influence a person’s readiness to take a risk.

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Interviewing Essentials

Interviewing techniques for managers—and some common errors.

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Positive Psychology Coaching Techniques

Coach employees toward an optimal range of functioning using positive psychology.

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Taming Monster Meetings

Evidence-based exercises for writing your own Philosophy of Meetings document

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Navigating Awkward Conversations

What to say and what never to say in managing an awkward situation.

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"A very well-organized presentation with great examples that we can relate to in the office ... and in real life."

— Michelle Calma, Account Representative, Theresa H. Nguyen State Farm


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